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Milking It

f you’ve ever wanted to taste milk like it was when your grandparents were children, now you can. De Smet Dairy, established in

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Ready to Soar
Gather the right tools. Bird-watching is a pretty inexpensive activity, but you need some essential tools, including a notebook, a good set of binoculars (see p. 44), and a field guide to help identify the birds you see. Every New Mexico birder shoul
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Sweet Talk
Archaeologist Patricia L. Crown has long loved Chaco Canyon, where she camped with her father as a teenager. Those trips fortified her interest in ancient history, especially Room 28 at Pueblo Bonito (built around AD 800), where 112 rare ceramic vess
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Gathering Place
It’s all about teamwork. Community science, also known as crowd-sourced science, citizen science, and volunteer monitoring, involves research and data collection conducted by folks who are not professional scientists. While the primary goal is for sc