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Native Soil

ooking at his field in early July, Jemez Pueblo Governor David Toledo can’t believe this is the view from his house. Vibrant green leaves, cornstalks, vines, and bushes dot the earth. As the sun sets, a soft yellow light weaves through the vegetation, casting long shadows. Surrounding this quarter-acre garden are the homes and gardens of his fellow

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Sow Good
Whether with pots of magenta geraniums or 100-pound bags of alfalfa seed, the Roswell Seed Company has been enriching southeastern New Mexico gardens and fields since 1898. Current owner Jim Gill’s great-grandfather John B. Gill, and his brother Walt
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Close Call
I was minding my own business on a sunny November afternoon when a commotion arose in the backyard. Outside the large window of my Santa Fe work-from-home setup, a bluish bird was perched in a nearby bush, squawking in my direction. “Is that a blue j
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Fly Byes (and Hellos!)
Each bird species has adapted to different ecological conditions based on the best habitats for feeding, breeding, and raising offspring. When conditions in one place aren’t suitable anymore, it is time to fly the coop to a better spot. “The migratio