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Safekeeping Yearbooks

1 . Like any book, yearbooks should be kept in your home away from the extreme temperature changes of attics, garages or basements. Place books upright on sturdy shelves away from windows and lamps. Light, heat, and moisture can cause books to warp and mildew. A slipcase will help

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Family Tree2 min de lecturePsychology
Organizing Your Goals
Know where you’re going! Before you begin your research, make concrete, achievable research goals that will motivate you and give your work purpose. You should also make sure your goals have a definitive achievement point, as this will help you bette
Family Tree9 min de lecturePolitics
Security Measures
For years, Peggy Ash of Mesa, Ariz., tried to solve a family mystery. Her grandmother was a twin, but the two sisters’ tombstones have different birthdates—according to family story, the sister was born eight hours later, on the next day. For years,
Family Tree3 min de lectureComputers
Tips For Organizing Your Research
1 Store things you need most often closer to you. Perhaps the simplest strategy in organization is the most valuable: Whether on your digital or physical desktop, position the items you use most often (frequently referenced books, a hyperlink to an i