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resident Thomas Jefferson defends the in a letter

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How to Decode a Social Security Card
1. Area number: Geographical region issued, with lowest numbers in the Northeast and highest in the West (except for Railroad Retirement Board, 700–728) 2. Group number: Administrative codes for filing purposes 3. Serial number: Assigned consecutivel
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Nancy Drew Today
2020 marked the 90th anniversary of the Nancy Drew Mystery Series debut, and Nancy continues to inspire. We can easily imagine how quickly Nancy would solve those Depression-and wartime-era mysteries with the cutting-edge tools available to genealogi
Family Tree3 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Arcane Romaine
WHAT BETTER TIME than the New Year (when many resolve to eat more healthfully) to celebrate the crunchy, vinegar-y history of salads? The Burpee seed company’s 1894 invention of the durable, much-loved and-loathed iceberg lettuce (a staple for salads