Bringing back a world of experience to UK teaching

fter two years of working at a school in Italy, I am returning to the UK education system. International employment gave me the professional climate I so keenly craved when working in England – fewer bureaucratic pressures, a greater sense

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The Mother Of All Misconceptions
Motherhood sticks to women. It impinges on their sense of self, it muscles in on their ambition, it manipulates how they are perceived. Not because women want it to – but because society forces it to. Women are made to perform an impossible balancing
Tes2 min de lecture
Muting The WhatsApp Whisperers
Dear Thomas, Am I alone in thinking that parent WhatsApp groups have become a modern-day curse for teachers? Eva Dear Eva, Oh, the lure of a WhatsApp group! So convenient for last-minute changes of plan or, as you say, for useful information that mig
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Do Male Teachers Without Children Face The Same Pressure? A Primary Teacher In Essex Writes
Like lots of male primary school teachers, I’m in the minority at work. There is only me and two other classroom teachers who are male, plus the deputy head. We’re a four-form entry school, so pretty big, and the staffroom is usually a noisy, chatty