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A devastating milestone

N MARCH, AS THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC HIT NEW YORK, MY colleague Kat Moon decided—wisely, it turned out, given what was ahead for the U.S.—to decamp to her childhood home, Taipei. Despite its proximity to mainland China, where the outbreak originated, Taiwan has seen only 495 cases and seven deaths among its more than 23 million people, making its

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How Does A Pandemic End? The 1918 Flu Offers A Hint
MORE THAN SIX MONTHS AFTER THE World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, one question remains decidedly unanswered: How will it come to an end? It seems safe to say that someday, somehow, it will end. After all, other viral pandemics ha
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David Byrne
American Utopia is an album, a show, an HBO film and a book. Some of the songs are new, but some are classics. Is utopia something that you’ve been thinking about your whole career? There seem to be various times in one’s life where you can focus on
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Patient Zero
THE PRESIDENT STOOD TRIUMPHANT ON THE WHITE HOUSE balcony, having persuaded his doctors to submit to his will. He had spent his days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center pushing them to let him out, medical advice be damned. Donald Trump t