The English Garden


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The English Garden2 min de lectureArchitecture
When did the suburban garden begin to emerge in earnest? What was the thinking behind it? The mid-19th century period saw the first major wave of suburban gardens with the expansion of the towns. They were associated with the ideal of the rus in urb
The English Garden5 min de lectureArchitecture
A Growing LEGACY
For Rupert Eley, a walk through his arboretum is akin to a meeting of old friends as he pauses beside individual trees, explaining their origins and idiosyncrasies. “Each tree has its own character and, while some hark back a century or more, others
The English Garden1 min de lecture
This cultivar grows to 1.8m tall and has rich red flowers that fade to silver for winter. Spine-free leaves on this self-fertile holly, with a good crop of red berries guaranteed. A medium shrub with heart-shaped leaves that turn red, burgundy and