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HARVEST festival

Now autumn is here, many migrant birds will already have left for a warmer climate. Those that remain in the UK over winter won’t hibernate and will be gorging on

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The English Garden2 min de lecture
Establishing new trees in the garden is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. The personal connection that is made with a tree you have grown and subsequently planted is a strong one. Knowing that a tree will survive long after we’ve gone is som
The English Garden2 min de lectureArchitecture
When did the suburban garden begin to emerge in earnest? What was the thinking behind it? The mid-19th century period saw the first major wave of suburban gardens with the expansion of the towns. They were associated with the ideal of the rus in urb
The English Garden3 min de lecture
Fall & Rise
Katherine Swift notes how they symbolise both remembrance and regeneration Standing in the lane that leads down to the house, my breath visible in the chilly air, there’s a haunting disconnect, a cognitive dissonance you might say, between my intern