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The English Garden1 min de lecture
Autumn GLORY
The winged spindle bears tiny orange fruits and foliage of vivid scarlet and crimson. Masses of pink bracts in early summer; come autumn, the leaves turn purple and red. Green, fan-shaped leaves turn yellow in autumn. “Ours is a good form with a ta
The English Garden2 min de lecture
The tiny Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ I planted in the garden last autumn has yet to reach much more than five foot, so it is not a patch on the magnificent acers you’ll find in the collections of woody plants at High Beeches or East Bergholt, just two
The English Garden5 min de lecture
Grow with THE FLOW
Enveloped by woodland and grassy hillsides, the garden at Middle Well is blessed with a peacefulness that is broken by little save birdsong and the burbling of a brook that meanders through the heart of the valley. “Everywhere there is the sound of w