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The Conners
OCT. 21, 9/8C ABC EASY IS NOT a word that’s ever been used to describe life for the Conner clan. Since we first met them in the 1988–97 sitcom Roseanne (and its 2018 revival), they have faced the same problems as many blue-collar Americans. Thankfull
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Cop Shows’ New Look
THE REALITY SHOWS Cops and Live P.D. have been axed, and scripted series about law enforcement are rethinking their own reality as well. Producers, writers and stars are taking police reform protests seriously—and viewers will see the results. Beside
TV Guide Magazine2 min de lecture
Chicago P.d.
NOV. 11, 10/9C NBC Possible trouble for the go-their-own-way Intelligence Unit in Season 8 comes with new Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller (Nicole Ari Parker), who arrives in Chicago with an intense police-reform agenda, in a story inspired by t