Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Why I started Painting

I have always been creative. From about the age of 12 I started making and designing my own clothes and continued to do this right through to adulthood. My brother was the artist in the family and, being two years older, his paintings were always a lot better than mine. It wasn’t until my youngest child was about 18 months old that I decided to attend an art course to provide some ‘me time’. Here I learnt all about drawing and tried my hand at pencil portraits of family members. Nothing like starting out with a hard subject matter! We were taught all about tone, shadows, highlights and perspective.

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min de lecture
• Arche 300gsm rough • Gesso • Acrylic paints: Cadmium yellow, Alizarin and white • Paintbrush in whatever large size is at hand • An assortment of hard oils pastels of various brands in oranges, pale yellow, yellow ochre, umber, ultramarine, greenis
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration3 min de lecture
A Natural History Artist
I was born in 1963. I can’t remember when I started to paint, I only remember that it seemed ingrained in me, that it was something I was compelled to do but also that I loved it - it felt natural. It became part of who I was and who I am, and as bot
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min de lecture
• Strathmore smooth Bristol board paper, 14 x 17 inches, 400 series, 2 ply • Kneaded eraser • HB mechanical pencil • 2B mechanical pencil • Make up brush • Tortillons • Sharpener • Narrow mechanical eraser • Derwent Graphite pencils ranging from 8B t