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Healthy Food Guide1 min de lecture
How To Do Diaphragmatic Breathing
1 Sit in a comfortable position or lie flat on the floor or bed. Relax your shoulders. 2 Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. 3 Take two seconds to breathe in through your nose. You should feel the air moving through your nose
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News Bites
The humble oat could be a saving grace if you’re receiving radiation, according to new research. People undergoing cancer treatment are often advised to avoid a high-fibre diet because it can exacerbate bloating and diarrhoea, two common side effects
Healthy Food Guide2 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
What Our Recipe Badges Mean
Recipes per serve contain no more than: • 1700kJ per main meal • 800kJ per dessert • 600kJ per side dish • 200kJ per 250ml fluid. Recipes per serve have at least: • 20g protein per main meal • 5g protein per side dish or dessert. Recipes per serv