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Do you always exercise with a sports watch or do you prefer to do ‘naked’ workouts sometimes? ‘I like to use my watch to see my progress – that way, I can up my workouts each time.’ Elisa Armendariz ‘My heart rate monitor just died, so I cycled
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“I Love Lifting Heavy And Moving Fast”
Megan, a 33-year-old fitness trainer, began exercising and taking care of herself at a young age 20 years ago, after realising that her family’s unhealthy eating habits weren’t helping anyone. In the process, she ended up helping her entire family lo
Women's Fitness1 min de lecture
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Eve has been practising yoga and meditation for 25 years, and t’ai chi for 10 years. She’s a qualified homeopath and massage practitioner, and studied to become a yoga teacher with Triyoga. Her work is grounded in an appreciation of inner calm as a p