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COLLECTING FINE ART IS AN ART FORM IN AND OF ITSELF. THE PIECES WE CHOOSE TO ACQUIRE AND DISPLAY IN OUR HOMES REFLECT OUR UNIQUE TASTES AND INTERESTS. IN TURN, OUR collections can deeply personalize our living spaces. As the late actor and art collector Burt Reynolds put it in a 1983 Architectural Digest article, “The more the art dominated my life and my house, the more the house became a home.” In the diverse sampling of painters and sculptors on the following pages, we hope you’ll find both inspiration and new artworks to add to your collection.

Discover original paintings and sculptures

Josh LaBenne

Josh LaBenne has a passion that shows in his inspired paintings of Wyoming wildlife. Every piece created comes from his personal interaction with the animals and outdoors. Josh’s hope is that his love of painting and God’s creation will allow you to step into the experience for yourself. Representation: West Lives On Gallery, Jackson Hole, WY, Phone: 307.734.2888. | www.joshlabenne.comFacebook, Twitter and Instagram @fineartbyjosh

Kevin McCain

Kevin McCain has been a working artist for over twenty years. Kevin paints the somber beauty that embodies the Western landscape. He is drawn to the rugged beauty of the west in all its variations, finding more beauty in the low deserts and high mountains than the great cathedrals of Europe. | 480.309.0039 |

Jan Marie DeLipsey

“The Homestead” (2020 Oil Painters of America Salon how) reflects my love of the Western landscape. As a landscape painter, I am drawn to the wild and rugged areas of the West. My intention is to communicate the solace and peace that nature can gift the sensitive and thoughtful observer. I paint because I love it. Representation: Valerosa Gallery (903)504-5249. | 214.212.4188 |

Lynne Wirthlin

Lynne's career has taken many roads, designer, illustrator, art educator, all providing a solid foundation for her life today as a fine artist. Inspired by the American Tonalists, her intent is to capture the mood and atmosphere surrounding her subject matter, and hopefully, strike an emotional cord with

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Joe Barbieri
JOE BARBIERI admires artists who paint loosely and impressionistically, but he admits that he is a confirmed “detail” man through and through. “I gave up years ago trying to be something I am not,” Barbieri says. “I just paint what I see and feel abo
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Duff & Meikle
EVERY YEAR for the last six years, Cynthia Duff and Barbara Meikle have exhibited their work together at Cobalt Gallery in Tubac, AZ, at the invitation of owner Mesia Hachadorian. The gallerist sensed that the two artists would make a great pairing,