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Artist Q&A
textile artist Judith Martin lives on an idyllic, sparsely populated island in the Canadian waters of Lake Huron, slow stitching large-scale drawings and art quilts, for which she has received recognition across North America as well as other parts o
Quilting Arts Magazine3 min de lecture
Dot, Dot, Dot…
the world has gone a little crazy lately, and I can’t seem to get my creativity in gear. Has the daily grind got you spitting nails, too? Let me recommend the hypnotic world of dot painting. I had seen dot-painted mandalas on rocks and T-shirts, mugs
Quilting Arts Magazine4 min de lecture
pablo Picasso said, “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” This exhibition explores all the wonderful ways in which music can serve as inspiration for the creative process. Both music and art elicit emotions, create different moods, suggest mo