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‘I Was Paid To Kitten-sit’
‘When I lived abroad, I had many Christmases alone, and back home in the UK, I made a choice to use Christmas well. Last year I registered to be a pet-sitter. The client needed someone to take care of her adorable kitten, Felicity – as well as her st
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Sure-fire Tactics To Get You Laughing This Christmas
‘One way to cope with everyday life is to see the absurdity in it,’ says Dr Philip Corr, Professor of Psychology at City University London. ‘Laughter takes the mind to a more abstract place where it’s possible to see things from a different perspecti
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For me, Christmas starts just after my birthday in August! Every year, I’m like, ‘Right, my birthday’s over, what are we doing for Christmas?’ I love birthdays and Christmas because it’s just so much fun. We definitely need that most in the deep, dar