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There was a letter in thetitled MEMORIES STIRRED, unfortunately, the writer’s name was missed off the bottom. It was written by Ed Valentine of Aberdeenshire, our apologies to Ed for this error and thank you for taking the time to write in.

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Heritage Commercials4 min de lectureAutomotive
30 Years Of The Thornycroft Society
The first Thornycroft vehicle, Van No 1, was built at Chiswick, West London in 1896 and is preserved at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum at Leyland in Lancashire. It has many unique design features such as reasonable suspension for the time and
Heritage Commercials2 min de lectureAutomotive
Chicken Crusader
One of my most enjoyable classic truck finds came during my visit to the Tractor World Spring Show at Malvern in February 2019. On my Monday drive back home, I called into one of my key classic truck contacts, Panes Recovery at Upton upon Severn. At
Heritage Commercials1 min de lecture
Heritage Commercials
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