A Light From Within

HAD I MADE THE RIGHT DECIsion, getting these horses? I paced in our home near Norfolk, England, waiting for the horse whisperer to pull into the drive. I’d found his information in an equine magazine. He claimed to help people with difficult horses. I was desperate. My two horses ran from me or lashed out. What if I couldn’t make them feel settled? What if I failed with them as I had with so much in my life?

My son, Richard, then 11 years old, had convinced me to adopt a small pony, Gus, several months earlier. Richard had a Saturday job tending horses for a neighbor. “Please, Mum, please! I’ll take such good care of him,” he pleaded.

We had the land, and Gus had been abandoned. He needed a home. My friends, after they got over the initial shock, insisted that I adopt a second horse. “Horses only feel safe in a herd,” one said. So we

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Grieving Shirley
ONLY ONE THING WAS MISSING that Christmas, but it was all that mattered. My three grown children, their spouses and their kids crowded around the tree in the family room, opening presents. Laughter, conversation and the occasional shriek of delight f
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Emilie’s Light
Vancouver, Washington OUR FAMILY LOVED EASTER. We loved the beautiful church service, the pretty new dresses for our girls. I always woke up excited to celebrate God’s promise of new life. This year, I woke up with a knot in my stomach. It had been t
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I’ll Never Forget You… Grandma Honeybunch
EVERY WEDNESDAY WHEN I WAS 16, I’d change into a nice button-down and my best jeans after school. Then I’d ride my bike on the path between our house and my grandmother’s outside Meadville, Pennsylvania. Exactly at four, Grandma Honeybunch—we always