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Farmers urged to ‘stand together’ to face challenges in SA

Farmers must become more involved in organised agriculture structures so that they can ensure the future existence

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Farmer's Weekly3 min de lecture
Save On Weedicides
A crop expert pointed out that farmers’ past experience and knowledge of their local conditions should enable them to choose the correct chemicals for both weed and insect control. Many a farmer is having to slash input costs. Some, in fact, have to
Farmer's Weekly4 min de lecture
Strategic Planning For Families In Business
Statistics suggest that a family business has only a one-in-three chance of reaching the second generation, yet few business founders believe that theirs will be the one to fail. The reasons why so many family businesses don’t survive have to do with
Farmer's Weekly2 min de lectureNature
Farmers Urged To Scout For Maize Stem Borers
The African maize stem borer (Busseola fusca) is one of the most severe maize pests in Africa. In an effort to mitigate the impact of the pest, Grain SA (GSA) has called on local maize producers to collect representative larval populations for resear