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Embracing the wet weather has been easier than I thought this autumn. Weirdly, I’ve been looking forward to some shitty conditions, as much to mix up my riding as to keep me on my toes on my technical local trails, which aren’t kind to ditherers! Of
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British Boutique Hardtails
The UK has a rich heritage of building some of the most beautiful bespoke steel bikes in the world. We wanted to celebrate that history by getting our hands on some of the most lust-worthy British-built boutique hardtails around. In a normal biketest
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Jargon Buster
This reverse-threaded olive and barb kit is included with SRAM brakes, along with a T8 Torx tool, so that the hose can be more easily cut and reconnected. Handily, it’s backwards-compatible with all SRAM and Avid brakes, using the procedure outlined