Plus de Woman's Weekly Living Series

Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min de lecture
A Warm Winter WELCOME
• Green foliage• Pine and cypress• Gold or copper spray paint• Oasis foam ring 31cm in diameter• Mini gold, red and copper baubles• Large red baubles• Medium green and red baubles• Gold berries• Buckets• Craft knife• Green florist’s wire• Florist’s s
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min de lecture
Twinkling LIGHTS
If you’re worried about lighting these, why not create the same design on an LED pillar candle? • Leafy foliage• Red velvet ribbon• Two pillar candles• Red berries• Marble coasters• Scissors 1 Cut the foliage into short sections of stem and leaf or
Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min de lecture
This is my favourite Woman’s Weekly special of the year. And this one feels more important than ever . After a challenging few mont hs we have had to accept that Christmas isn’t going to be the same as usual. But the chance to create a festive haven