is created simply by folding a sheet of paper back and forth to create the pages. This design is great for displays. You can fill the pages with your sketches, cartoons, poems, or photos.

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Muse4 min de lecture
Life In The Clear
In the open ocean, there’s nowhere to hide. There are no rocks to slip under, no kelp to duck behind—nothing but clear water all around. “Every direction you look looks pretty much the same—it’s this ridiculous unearthly blue,” says Sönke Johnsen, a
Muse1 min de lecture
NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Pick a scientific discovery or a new technology that fascinates you. Learn about it, and then create your own comic book hero inspired by science and tech. Will you pick quantum computing? (If so, your hero could move at light spe
Muse2 min de lecture
Should People Become Cyborgs?
IN THE MARVEL COMICS AND MOVIES, billionaire Tony Stark dons a red and gold suit and becomes Iron Man. The suit provides superhuman strength, protection against most attacks, the power of flight, and much more. Iron Man is just a story. But robotic s