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In Other Words
“The trail requires moderate effort. You don’t hike further than 8km per day, although it is up and down. Kids 10 years and older should manage. “Aloe Kaya is my favourite camp because of its location. Candlewood has a great view.” “Whether you bring
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LOUISETTE LE ROUX from Mbombela writes: I saw this elephant bull with a big hole in its ear near Crooks’ Corner in the Kruger Park. Was it injured in a fight with another elephant? Wildlife expert LD VAN ESSEN says: An elephant will develop many tea
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Whale Trail Reopens – With Renovations!
We’d be willing to sleep on the beach if it meant hiking along De Hoop Nature Reserve’s pristine coastline, but with the popular five-day Whale Trail back in action, we won’t need to. The trail has been treated to some exciting new renovations, havin