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Some shrubs are guaranteed to repay their investment, performing year after year without disappointment, and cotinus is undoubtedly one of them. These hardy shrubs not only look good in every season, they also have a unique ability to look good in all weathers. Whether it’s sunshine filtering through their colourful foliage to illuminate it like stained glass, raindrops highlighting the hues of their fascinatingly waterproof leaves or frost riming the foliage and

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Faith, Hope & Charity
The bumpy track that leads to Fullers Mill doesn’t prepare you for the awakening spring mix of connoisseur’s plants that spills from the brimming borders, nor for the mists and shapes that rise from lake and stream. Over the course of 50 years, plant
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Matinée Show
Myddelton House Gardens in Enfield, North London, was the home of Edward Augustus Bowles, who lived there until his death in 1954. His influence on British gardening is enduring, evident not least in the number of plants named for him. Consider Anemo
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‘Adam the Gardener’ was a Sunday Express cartoon strip that raised the morale of the nation during World War II. With his craggy features and Abraham Lincoln-style beard, Adam could be seen, week by week, steadfastly digging in, tying up and potting