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our young dog reliably displaying the behaviour we want on a shoot day and make it so they are able to cope with the excitement? Lizzie, the lovely little flatcoat I am training, is making great progress on her basic sit, heel and recall at home. We have

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Shooting Times & Country1 min de lecture
Native Britain
Latin name: Dianthus gratianopolitanus Common name: Cheddar pink Other names: Cliff pink, clove pink, mountain pink, sweet pink, firewitch How to spot it and where to find it: An evergreen perennial that forms a carpet of greyish-green, narrow le
Shooting Times & Country2 min de lecture
Field Test
The 6.5mm Creedmoor is a versatile cartridge suitable for fox, small species deer and red deer in Scotland. So the lighter Federal 95-gr with a chronographed velocity of 3,150fps, 1,994ft/lb energy and 0.85in groups would be a great all-rounder in En
Shooting Times & Country5 min de lecture
Is That Fizzing Redleg Sporting Or Too High?
“I’d rather be sporting than just put stuff on the ground,” the end Gun muttered as the horn sounded and his neighbour’s old cocker bumbled over to where the first of her master’s redlegs lay dead. I was on the flank of the beating line, from where I