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THE Buzz
Corgi in the Garden is a cafe in Thailand and it’s the pawfect place for dog lovers. The Bangkok cafe houses 12 adorable corgis, and, for $11, customers can spend up to an hour snuggling with Butter, Dean, Blossom, Bluebell, Quinn and more. The idea
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Christine Doulkeridis, 35, Ashwood, Vic The silence seemed to drag on forever, as the sonographer scanned my belly. ‘And there’s the heartbeat,’ she smiled, as the rhythmic sound finally filled the room. My husband, Nick, then 41, and I exhaled wit
that's life2 min de lecture
Women’s Heart Health
Around 45 per cent of all deaths from heart attacks happen to women. But tragically, the warning signs in women are more likely to be missed. ‘From prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care, women often fare far worse than men when it come