Trump's Doctor Says There's No 'Actively Replicating Virus' — So Is He COVID-19-Free?

Doctors say people who have had COVID-19 can test positive but no longer be contagious. Trump's doctor said Trump is "no longer a transmission risk to others" but did not say if Trump tested negative.
President Trump addressed a rally on Saturday, nine days after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Several health experts told NPR that based on what Trump's doctors have said about Trump's coronavirus experience, he's likely no longer contagious. Source: Samuel Corum

Ask an infectious disease doctor whether the president still has coronavirus, and you quickly realize that "having" the virus is a concept that exists more among laypeople than doctors.

"We try to avoid that question," says Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security. "It becomes much harder to explain to people, well why is the test positive when you're saying he's not contagious? It's because, that far out, it's not viable virus."

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