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Vicia fava – vicia was the name for vetch in Latin and fava for the bean itself.


Broad beans have been cultivated since prehistoric times in Europe. They were unearthed in the ancient city of Troy, found in Egyptian tombs as well as with Bronze Age artefacts in

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Barleycorn, capsicum, cowpeas, eggplant, galangal, ginger root, mustard greens, spinach, okra, sweet corn, coriander and turmeric. Snake beans and pigeon peas grow well in the wet season. Crowns of sweet potato can also be planted, so plant a new row
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Credo is a 12-year-old refugee in Uganda and just one of many young people around the world who are using permaculture to build a bright and sustainable future. Helping vulnerable people access permaculture needs to be a priority. With one percent of