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Sweet and juicy, dried and ground, grilled, boiled or popped, it’s easy to understand why corn is a favourite all-round staple.

Fresh, frozen, ground into flour or made into porridge, polenta and tortillas. Hugely versatile, you can snack on corn raw, feed it to livestock, turn it into syrup, even convert it into ethanol. Originating in Mexico and spreading rapidly through the Americas, the humble grain has established itself as an essential in gardens and kitchens all around the world.


There are two main types of corn, field corn and sweet corn. Field corn varieties can be ground into flour, used for stock feed and other applications, while the fresh corn we all recognise is called sweet corn.

Corn (Zea mays, also called maize) is from the grass (Poaceae) family and, while we usually consider the corn we eat a vegetable, it is technically a grain.

Common varieties of field corn grown at home are White Maize as well as multicoloured varieties like Glass Gem, Blue Mini popping corn and

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