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Although Erika Stearly’s depictions of interior spaces feel alive in a way that stirs a sense of story, the artist’s creative focus is directed less on the narrative element in these images and more on the means and media she uses to depict them. Stearly turns the greater part of her attention to more formal concerns, such as color, shape and line. “I’m not compelled to make artwork that has a deep underlying meaning,” she says. “My studio practice has always been rooted in the materials, methods and philosophy of the discipline of painting.”

Space for Improv

This discipline that Stearly speaks of, however, is far from conventional; she draws inspiration from magazines, IKEA catalogs, photos from friends’ houses, sublet rental ads on Craigslist, and even Instagram. Although such images might inspire a creative start, the artist doesn’t begin with a preconceived vision. “I never have a

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