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The secret to eating well in the South of France is the ingredients. It’s an idea that infuses everything in life for us. Get the ingredients right and you can keep things simple, but there’s nowhere to hide if they’re not. In northern Europe, cooking tends to involve complex processes and a long time boiling, roasting and stewing; culinary magic adds and intensifies the flavours. Here on the shores of the Mediterranean, 300 days of sunshine a year mean you need little more than tomatoes, oil, basil, salt and pepper to eat well. Which is great, until you decide that what you really need is some good cheese...

For most of the year it’s too hot for cattle near the coast – the sun burns the grass away from the rocks, so even if they could stand the

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Mountain Bike Rider6 min de lecture
Skills To Tame Them Both
Nowadays there are loads of different places to ride our bikes. Trail centres are well established while the network of handbuilt tracks in local riding spots seems to get larger every year. With this expansion comes a lot more choice, from bike park
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Big Picture
November had been wet to say the least, but December had the cure. Is there anywhere better than Glencoe on a still, sunny day? I’d say not. Joe Barnes found out that the chippy was closing early and made his way off the Devil’s Staircase like a man
Mountain Bike Rider1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Size ridden L Rider height 5ft 10in Head angle 67.1° Seat angle 68.5° Effective seat angle 75.5° BB height 335mm Chainstay 435mm Front centre 747mm Wheelbase 1,182mm Down tube 720mm Top tube 627mm Reach 461mm ■