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Shooting Times & Country5 min de lecture
The Wild West
The packing up and loading of gear came with special anticipation. A Christmas or New Year trip to south-west Scotland is an annual event for the Swans, but late October for autumn half-term is less common. By Christmas, the local wildfowlers have th
Shooting Times & Country4 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Getting The Collar Felt
AS A PROFESSIONAL writer, I’ve always tried to write plain English that’s easy to understand. Unfortunately, lawyers don’t do the same, as I was reminded last year when I sold one house and bought another. I’m not sure what trainee solicitors are tau
Shooting Times & Country3 min de lecture
Country Diary
This has been a summer of extremes, a year of restrictions, challenges both judicial and governmental — 2020 is a year we will not forget. Nonetheless, the seasons come and go, spring into summer, summer into autumn. Birds nest, hatch, fledge and fly