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Ask Dr Louise
Q I divorced my first husband 20 years ago and went on with my life. I worked through the issues that led to the divorce, remarried 10 years later and I’m happy with my second husband. We’ve built a good life together. He has two children whom I love
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☛5 May 1961 Alan Shepard: The First American In Space
Millions of people around the world watched as astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American in space on this day. Travelling at a mind-blowing speed of 8 262km per hour, he steered his spacecraft, the Freedom 7, to a flight that took him 186km hi
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Caitlyn Goes For Governor
She’s al ays b blazed her own trail and now CAITLYN JENNER has set her sights on political office. Earlier this month the Olympic champion filed paperwork to run for governor of California. Caitlyn is the most famous non-politician to run for the pos