Teaching has changed, but don’t be afraid of it

lthough it might seem overwhelming at first, online teaching and learning is becoming a vital means in maintaining a semblance of familiarity when the norm has shut down. Despite my initial concerns about virtual classrooms, I’ve often found

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How A Warm Welcome Helps Learning
• Elaborate greetings routines at the start of lessons can go viral when posted on social media.• There is research to say that they can also be very useful for learning.• Studies have found that greeting students at the classroom door at the beginni
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Primary And Secondary Knowledge: What’s The Difference?
Tes caught up with David Geary, a cognitive developmental and evolutionary psychologist who is a curators’ professor at the University of Missouri, for a podcast last year. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview (you can listen to the whole thing
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Making The Case For Growth Mindset Approaches
While research to support the use of growth mindset interventions with students aged 16-19 is limited, there is evidence that these approaches work for younger year groups. For instance, having a growth mindset was associated with higher reading scor