Motivation matters, but how much?

very pupil and teacher has sat through their fair share of assemblies with a motivational speaker. From the mountain climber bursting with soaring rhetoric or the famous author full of anecdotes, to the ex-pupil who proved the doubters wrong and the teachers right, these tales of turning

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Stressing The Value Of Prosody
• Prosody is all about the stress, intonation and rhythm of how we speak – all of which can provide vital insight and information beyond the literal meaning of the words we say. • It can have a big impact on learning, with the use of emphasis boostin
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3 Reasons Why Teachers Are Doing Great Things
The winter/Christmas/autumn term – whatever your preferred name for the longest term of the academic year – can be brutal. It’s hard work, there are still umpteen weeks until the Christmas holidays, and there’s Covid hanging over our heads, too. Righ
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Analysis: Covid And Closures
James Bowen, director of policy at the NAHT school leaders’ union, says: In its responses to these questions, the government is ignoring an important, fundamental point: school budgets this year were set prior to the outbreak of Covid-19. Every pound