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The Journey of a Gifted Artist

ean Pierre was born in Normandy, France, six months before D-Day. Growing up in postwar France, he faced many challenges. His family had been torn apart by the war, and a congenital

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The Cottage Journal3 min de lectureArchitecture
Credits & Resources
Pages 25–34—Interior designs by Alexis Dattoli, Alexis Dattoli Interior Design. Pages 36–40, 43–44—Interior designs by Kristen Nix, Kristen Nix Interiors. Page 38—Painting above fireplace by Erin Donahue Tice. Page 40—Painting on wall by Erin Donahue
The Cottage Journal2 min de lecture
Nashville’s Art History
Patrick Hayes’s art brings a whole new meaning to the saying “They just don’t make things like they used to.” Seven years ago, in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, Patrick came across an old house in the process of being demolished. Unable to sav
The Cottage Journal2 min de lecture
A Detailed Design
Nearly a century old and with a history that includes residents like Barbara and George H. W. Bush, the Formants’ Washington, DC, home was certainly a space worth preserving. So, when homeowners Kelly and John Formant decided it was time for a change