Many Latino Men Are Supporting President Trump This Election

The Latino vote will be key across the country, especially in tight races in places such as Arizona and Florida. About one quarter of Latinos, mostly men, remain steadily in support of the president.
Supporters of President Trump wave during a Latinos for Trump Roundtable at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix on Sept. 14. Source: Nick Oza/The Republic

Reymundo Torres is an Arizonian, a devout Roman Catholic, ethnically Mexican and a staunch supporter of this president.

"The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to him is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw," Torres said.

Torres likes the way President Trump takes no mess from Democrats or what he calls establishment Republicans. Also, Torres said, it's refreshing to see a president do what he says he's going to do despite criticism — from Trump's fiery tweets, sometimes filled with misinformation — to his controversial

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