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Is there something brewing?

ata is used everywhere these days. The upcoming US presidential election is a perfect example of this. Polls are updated literally on an hourly basis, to see if Trump or Biden will become the next US president. As with weather forecasts, which also rely on data, polls are not always correct (just ask Hillary Clinton), but it helps us to make more informed decisions. I don’t want to discuss

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The Vaccine-related Metals Amid A Global Economic Bounce-back
gold is a disaster metal. In other words, its price improves when life becomes more difficult for human beings. This seems a time-honoured fact of gold’s reputation as “a store of wealth” – a well-known characteristic behind the logic for owning Krug
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Simon’s Stock Tips
ALTRON Altron is an interesting offering with serious potential for unlocking value. The Bytes UK deal richly rewarded shareholders and Netstar is a potential next demerger and listing. The Netstar business is about the same size and profitability as
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Culture: Your #1 Competitive Advantage
what makes a company competitive? Big data, innovative marketing, slick apps, and the lowest prices are all right up there. But the single biggest competitive advantage your company has is your people and the collective culture they create. Why is cu