Great leaders find gaps in hedges while others fall at the first hurdle

alking about school improvement in the middle of a pandemic might seem foolhardy when, for most school leaders, just trying to give children any sort of education is hard enough, let alone thinking about how to improve the entire system. But last week’s UCL Institute of Education- debate on the subject proved the opposite; it was both a welcome diversion and pertinent

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For Successful Video Lessons And Calls, You Need To Go Back To Basics
Some are in a classroom (though not necessarily their own), some are in their kitchen, some are lucky enough to have an office, some are in whatever room is quiet enough and some are in their shed. But wherever they are, teachers are all teaching. Th
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The Rise Of The ‘Deepfake’ Image
You might have heard of “deepfakes”, whereby images and videos are manipulated using sophisticated photo-editing software to make it appear as if someone, often a celebrity, has said or done things that they haven’t. In October last year, a report by
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We Are Zooming Towards A Dystopia
A young woman is standing at a whiteboard. She is eager. She is kind. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, she has had some of the best training in the world. She is the last teacher in England. Turning to look at y