y studio not only is the brightest room in the house, but also has a lovely view of the rooftops of our neighbourhood, which relaxes me and feels like a little escape. Having never experienced a studio space in my life before, I’ve turned this room into my sanctuary.

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Allen Williams
There really isn’t any glitz or (non-magical) glamour in my studio. It has, over the years, sorted itself into a functionality that’s specific to me. It is, and will continue to be, a messy place and you’re most likely to end up with graphite on you
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The Art of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
Author Micky Neilson Publisher Titan Books Price £35 Web Available Now The mutant marsupial with the attention-grabbing name has been a fixture of video gaming since 1996. Micky Neilson’s book reveals a good chunk of the concept ar
ImagineFX1 min de lecture
The Panel Of Artists…
Known online as Loish, the Dutch character design artist has built up a huge following on social media. Creative director Finnian has extensive experience working in the film and video games industries. Clayton’s been