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In Memoriam: Elizabeth Mowry MARCH 8, 1940–JULY 10, 2020

Peppered with the most prestigious awards and recognitions the pastel world has to offer, Elizabeth Mowry’s career and life in, Mowry was the cover artist for the magazine’s first issue in 1999. She authored three highly regarded and beloved books with Watson-Guptill Publications, , and .

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The Pastel Journal1 min de lecture
The Pastel Journal
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anne Hevener SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth SENIOR EDITOR Holly Davis MANAGING EDITOR Christina Richards Sylvie Cabal, Art du Pastel; Albert Handell; Liz Haywood-Sullivan; Janie Hutchinson; Isabelle V. Lim; Richard McKinley, IAPS; Rae Sm
The Pastel Journal6 min de lecture
Strokes Of Discovery
VIEWING ONE OF LAURINDA PHAKOS O’CONNOR’S paintings is not a passive experience. Lines and marks move in opposing directions, and you can bounce between seeing the artist’s every stroke and the scene as a whole in an endless loop without noticing the
The Pastel Journal2 min de lecturePsychology
Some of the most important breakthrough moments for artists occur with pastel or brush in hand. You might remember a time when you tried a new underpainting approach or perhaps used a familiar technique but on a new surface, and the results were surp