Amateur Gardening

With bends like these…

BOUT to prune? It may be better to bend instead. You see, sap (and therefore growth) pushes strongest at the highest points. So when we have a strong shoot soaring skywards, we would usually prune it back. Sap pressure means only the

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Amateur Gardening3 min de lectureArchitecture
The Flower Garden
WHERE any evergreen or deciduous shrubs have outgrown their allotted space, this is the best season of the year in which to do any cutting back that may be necessary, as the young growth that will soon be made will quickly hide any unsightly places r
Amateur Gardening2 min de lectureNature
Chops Away…
TODAY started with high hopes and a simple mission: to remove a friend’s unwanted tree stump. I know… it doesn’t sound all that simple, but it’s a London plane (Platanus x hispanica), so I’m hoping the roots will come quietly. While plane trees don’t
Amateur Gardening1 min de lecture
Bird Watch: The Herring Gull (Larus Argentatus)
ALTHOUGH this week’s bird isn’t exactly a garden bird, it has become such a common sight in our neighbourhoods, parks and fields that it comes as no surprise when the bread and leftover potatoes put out for our usual garden visitors are snaffled by t