Cowboys & Indians

Prescott Frontier Days

t’s billed as the World’s Oldest Rodeo. And Frontier Days in Prescott, Arizona, didn’t allow

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Cowboys & Indians4 min de lecture
Anita Fields
ANITA FIELDS’ SELF-DESCRIPTION CLUES YOU IN THAT HER WIDE-RANGING TALENTS AREN’T EASY TO categorize: “Clay sculpture, contemporary ceramics, traditional Osage ribbon work, arts educator. Also Osage In-Lon-Schka Hominy committee cook, specialty — grap
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
This Is Real Life
IN THE GRAND SCHEME, IT’S ONLY A number change on a calendar, but many of us attach significant hopes to the dawn of a new year. The holiday season and the onset of winter have allowed for greater personal reflection. Then comes decisive action when
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
The Songs That Rebuilt Tom Douglas
WHEN TOM DOUGLAS WALKED OVER TO the piano in his Dallas home in 1992, he essentially walked away from a lucrative career as a real estate broker. And in the nearly 30 years since, we’ve all been better off for it. “How did a guy selling real estate f