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Double jeopardy

ernard Beckett began writing a few years back as bedtime reading for his twin boys, completing a section each day. The novel opens with twins Arlo and Stefan deciding to investigate an abandoned house late at night. They spot a light flickering behind grimy windows.

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Money Ball
In 2012, US insurance giant AIG reportedly paid about $80 million to have its logo on the All Blacks jersey for five years. There was widespread condemnation. Words such as “prostitution” and “betrayal” were bandied about; AIG’s cash was labelled “di
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History Unbuttoned
When Rangi Topeora’s lover, William Mayhew, an American whaler based on Kāpiti Island in the 1840s, abandoned her to return home, she marked his departure with a waiata that included “for beautiful are the clothes of the whiteman”. Topeora’s lament i
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecturePolitics
Damned Lies And Gun Control
In 1991, President George HW Bush – the brightest bulb in the family lamp – nominated archconservative Clarence Thomas to be just the second black US Supreme Court justice, replacing the first, arch-liberal Thurgood Marshall. Everyone over the age of