Even if you always train at the perfect intensity level, it doesn’t guarantee results. “Specific adaptation to imposed demands” explains that various types of training will each result in specific adaptations.

A single workout can improve multiple aspects of fitness, but some aspects will improve more than others, and some

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Why The Whole World Is Getting Fat
Sleep is one of the most basic physiological responses in the animal world. Everyone knows that you cannot function for long when you are sleep deprived. Sleep can be regarded as the physiological equivalent to the reset button on your computer. When
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Give The Gift Of Health!
Past issues are limited — complete your collection today! Print/digital combination package available. The perfect gift for the fitness professional and fitness enthusiast, a subscription to OnFitness Get your gift subscription order today! onfitness
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Processed Meat
Are you a gambler? You may not realize it, but you are gambling with your health every time you eat processed meat. And the more processed meat you eat, the more risk you are taking. Eat too much and your luck may run out. A study presented by the Wo