OLICE OFFICERS IN Texas heard some terrifying news on June 26, 2018: Antigovernment flyers poisoned with a deadly opioid had been placed on Harris County Sheriff’s Office squad cars, and a sergeant who had touched one was en route to the hospital with overdose symptoms. The incident set off a flurry of media coverage, and police as far away as Maine and Massachusetts received alerts about it.

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“The Intellectual Johnny Appleseed Of The Counterculture”
HAS ANYONE LIVED a more interesting, influential, and inspiring life than Stewart Brand? Born in 1938 and educated at Stanford, Brand was a Merry Prankster who helped conduct Ken Kesey’s legendary acid tests in the 1960s. His guerilla campaign of sel
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The Pandemic Will Make Kids Or Break Them
THE COVID-19 ERA has worked as a stress test for parents and kids alike, breaking some while bringing out reserves of strength and resilience in others. But it’s not the disease itself that’s done so much damage; it’s the isolation, fear, and stresse
Reason5 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Rethinking the Power To Take a Life
AGRUESOME COINCIDENCE HAS made Maurice Chammah’s Let the Lord Sort Them: The Rise and Fall of the Death Penalty timely. In the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, shortly before this book was released, the Justice Department rushed through eig