Pink Flamingos Are Meaner

Your skin won’t turn green if you eat a lot of broccoli. But a flamingo does get its color from what it eats. Flamingos slurp up algae,

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Time To...Estivate?
Hot, dry weather can also make food hard to find. Estivation is hibernation in a hot climate. Animals that estivate lower their breathing and heart rate and don’t eat, just like hibernators. In Australia, burrowing frogs estivate underground until th
Ask1 min de lectureMedical
Some sleepers talk and even walk around when fast asleep. What’s going on? Sleepwalking and sleep talking can happen when the brain gets stuck halfway between sleep and waking. A sleepwalker’s body may think it’s still awake, while the brain is compl
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My Bad Dream Week
OK, I should not have watched Blood-Sucking Vampire Eels from Space right before bed. I just woke everyone up screaming, convinced that giant fanged space eels were crawling up all over my bed. Since my brother’s up anyway, I made him check under th