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When I returned recently from a successful day’s flight on the duck with my older dog, I thought I’d give Cooper, my six-month-old lab, the chance to see what he’d make of the scent of wildfowl, and an idea what my Friday evening fusses were all about.

He spotted my van when I arrived back in the yard and commenced his usual jumping for joy routine. I hung a few of the duck before preparing them for that evening’s dinner

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Tech Specs
Configuration Over-and-under Action Boxlock Choke Fixed or multichoke Chamber 3in Barrel length 28in to 34in Trigger Single selective Ejector/non-ejector Ejector Safety catch Manual Weight (20-bore) 6lb 13oz Available in calibres 12- and 20-
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Beaver Reintroductions Damned
The GWCT has joined forces with various fishing organisations in raising concerns about the detrimental effect reintroduced beavers are having on migratory fish. The trust, along with the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Salmon & Trout Conservation, River Otte
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Where The Wild Things Are
A sure sign that rewilding had become mainstream was its appearance as a storyline on The Archers. The rewilding of Ambridge a couple of years ago did not turn out quite as Pip, Rex and Phoebe, the so-called ‘Rewilding Three’, had hoped. But what exa