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ur wonderful deputy editor Charlie Hale shares in her article “Magic in the mundane”, found on page 104 of this issue, “The world has shifted on its axis, but we must still indulge in life’s pockets of pleasures.” Welcoming this bright perspective, I step back from the computer and walk outside to my garden. Sitting in the midday sun, I admire my handiwork. My newly planted snapdragons are blooming, their petals softly streaked with pale pink, yellow and cream. By their side, my tomato plant has hundreds of yellow flowers getting ready to I propagated from my dad’s house; I notice a new leaf unfurling and two green roots making their way to the soil. I can’t believe it’s pulling through — I was certain it was sick. Looking around, I feel immense joy. Looking within, I feel proud. I’m not an experienced gardener by any means; nature must take full responsibility for all this life and growth surrounding me. Although, I did play a small part. I prepped the soil, I gave my ferns bananas, I fertilised when the leaves went yellow, I fed my worms and watered regularly. The one thing I did the most, however, was be curious.

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