The English Garden

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Removed from the warming currents of the Gulf Stream that pass the west of the country, in winter the east of Scotland receives the full effect of cold weather from the north and east. In Angus, just outside Forfar and only seven miles from the coast, Gardyne Castle is no exception.

Owner William Gray Muir ruefully recalls how he and his wife Camilla had hoped for an English style of country garden when they bought the property in 2003. “We had a young family and wanted plenty of space and a garden we could build over time. We were incredibly lucky to be able to do that relatively

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The English Garden1 min de lectureArchitecture
Butterscotch-yellow blooms from mid-summer until first frost on this decorative dahlia. Bred in the 1960s, this strong-growing Floribunda bears repeat flushes of its vivid coral blooms all summer. H. aspera Villosa Group has large mauve lacecap flo
The English Garden2 min de lecture
Nature to Note
February and March, when late winter turns into early spring, is the best time to spot a woodlark. This streaky brown bird inhabits heathland in the south and east of England, and nests on the ground in a scrape hidden within heather or a grassy tuss
The English Garden2 min de lecture
The Reviewer
There is nothing like the necessity of remaining in one place to give a person itchy feet. Even a post office in the next village can seem desirable when it is off limits. As we turn our backs on 2020, consider Carolyn Mullet’s tour de force: a sumpt